WaterBoys are guaranteed for 10 years
WaterBoy Tank System
WaterBoy Tank System

WaterBoy Tank System

The WaterBoy. Its a great name isn’t it? And it’s a great product.

Once installed it just floats up and down with the level of your water, as happy as Larry, and 24/7 provides you with the best water possible and it will never require atten-tion (or thanks).

Like all great designs it’s simplicity is it’s strength. The WaterBoy construction is of the highest quality. Stainless steel and polyethylene plastic of food grade. It’s guaranteed for ten years but that's because my lawyer said any longer is just not the done thing, but I know that it will outlast both myself and your water tank.

Installation is invariably simple. We provide a wide variety of options as far as the bottom fittings are concerned and you just need to tick a box on the order form. It does require the tank to be empty, or at least shallow enough to reach the outlet pipe, for installation. Saying that some people have dived down to do it.

We have sold the WaterBoy as far afield as the Caribbean and Britain but mostly our sales are in New Zealand, Australia (our biggest market) and the Pacific Islands and we have been in existence now for just over 10 years.

We only sell online and via some progressive plumbers but not entirely from choice. After initial enthusiasm from Plumbing Supply stores we became a victim of our own success.Filter sales plummeted and so did the plumbing stores enthusiasm.

Our WaterBoy reduced the need to replace filters by so much that it severely dented their filter sales which is a profitable and ongoing revenue stream.

Filters are both expensive and require regular replacement. A neglected filter will soon become a health hazard itself and even put strain on your pump and reduce water pressure.

I removed all our filters years ago, soon after installing my WaterBoy prototype. I truly believe in the not-too-distant future they will become mandatory as an essential health safeguard.