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Have you ever drunk water from a stream?

Possibly not but if you have you would naturally scoop it up from near or on the surface. It is a natural instinct to do so. All animals drink from the surface.

Drinking water from the bottom of anything is an unnatural thing to do because that is where the potential problems accumulate.

Bacteria, Viruses and Protozoa.

These can all be found in water tanks and in many cases are harmless, though some such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and E coli certainly aren’t.

Some individuals can be quite tolerant of high e coli, the most common contaminant in tanks, but others will succumb to the highly contagious stomach pain and dysentery that follows.

These baddies are invariably from bird and animal droppings directly from the roof or via leaves and such.

There are quite a few things that can actually cause illness in tank water and inevitably those with vulnerabilities will be the first to suffer the consequences.

Of course there are many completely harmless bacteria as well but no matter what species the overwhelming majority soon end up at the bottom of the tank.

This is where you draw your water from at present.

Material contamination

This consists of things like leaves, windblown dirt and debris even things like insects, worms and paint flakes.

Not generally considered a health hazard but things nobody would want in their water, no matter how macho they pretend to be! The natural decomposition of organic matter in an anerobic environment often leads to foul odours in tank water. This is most common in the warmth of Summer and is a gas called Hydrogen Sulphide...rotten eggs. A WaterBoy will reduce this a lot but still not fully eliminate it.* (more on this in the Hints Page.)

These things look yuck and block showers and filters. (more interesting facts on filters on our product page)

A WaterBoy will eliminate 99% of these problems